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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Akuntansi 2013

1. Dwi : It is said that Yulia ... ready to get married
with Rafli if he ... her a luxurious car.
Silvi : I don’t believe it. Yulia is not materialistic
girl, isn't she?
A. will be – bought
B. would be – buys
C. will be – buys
D. would have been – bought
E. would buy – had been

2. Situation.
Andi is very busy. It is impossible for him to finish his
work on time.
A. If Andi were not busy, he would be able to finish
his work on time.
B. If Andihad time, he would have finished his work
on time.
C. If Andi was busy, he would be able to finish his
work on time.
D. If Andi had been busy, he would finish his work on
E. If Andi had not been busy, he would not have
finished his work on time.

3. Yuli : Who cleans your house?
Nina : I do
Yuli : Does Adi help you?
Nina : Never, but he ... mother do the washing
A. is helping
B. helped
C. has helped
D. helps
E. had helped

4. Anton : Do you play tennis?
Arman : I ... play tennis when I was young, but now
my favorite sort is golf.
A. used to
B. don't
C. can't
D. can
E. do

5. Your friend will fly for the first time. He is a bit
worried about it.
You : ...?
Your friend : I hope so, thanks, this is my first flight. It
makes me a bit worried.
A. Do you feel afraid
B. There's nothing to worry about
C. Don't be so happy
D. Is there any problems
E. Are you afraid of being alone

6. Tri : Let's eat out in a restaurant, Dina
Dina : When?
Tri : Tonight
Dina : ... I'll wait for you before seven.
A. No, thank you
B. I don't want to
C. Good idea, but
D. Enjoy yourself
E. That sounds interesting

7. Agus had two tickets to attend the music concert. He
asked Bella to join him.
Agus : Bella, ... to accompany me to see the music
Bella : Are you kidding, Agus? I'm so flattery.
A. could you do me a favour
B. could I do you a favour
C. may I ask you
D. are you willing if I
E. would you mind if I

8. Denny Smith has just arrived in the U.S. He's at the
airport; hotel information counter.
Clerk : good morning May I help you?
Traveler : Hello, my name is Denny Smith.
Clerk : I see. A single?
Traveler : Yes, please.
A. I want to order a single room
B. I have no place to spend the night
C. I'd like to reserve a room for tonight
D. I am going to stay in your hotel
E. I am trying to find a room

9. Ronny : What films are in the Globe 21 today?
Budi : They are Home Alone in Studio 3 and The
Day After in Studio 4. Which one do you want
to see, Ronny?
Ronny : I think ... It's a comedy and very funny film.
Budi : I agree with you.
A. I don't like all of them.
B. I dislike it
C. I like Home Alone
D. I dislike The Day After
E. I love the mall.

10. Instructor : Read the instructions before you do this
Students : ... You have warned us before.
A. Don’t worry
B. Why not
C. Who cares
D. I like it
E. Wasting time


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  2. jawaban
    1.a 6 .e
    2.a 7 .c
    3.a 8 .c
    4.e 9 .c
    5.b 10.a
    nama : Noval agustiolan
    Intan rinata
    Nur dwisantika
    Yunita komalasari
    kelas :XII AKUNTAN

  3. jawaban
    1.b 6 .c
    2.b 7 .c
    3.a 8 .a
    4.d 9 .c
    5.b 10.a
    nama : yuni kartika
    delin ekariawan